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Waste isn’t Waste until we waste it!!

Eco Star  is established with a mission to create a world where the environment doesn’t need protection. When we throw anything away, it must go somewhere and we are the perfect one who deliver sustainable waste management solution through its expertise of people and investment in technology. A vast range of environmental clean-up service is provided on customer site and other locations on emergency and scheduled response basis. We change the people’s perception on how to perceive waste and committed towards well-being and safety of customers and public at large.

Our strategy

Safety First – “Safety first - No matter what”

Our strategy is to recover waste from its highest and best use while balancing rates and services.

Our Mission

“Its our duty to maintain earths beauty.”

We are on a mission to change the way people think about waste. We are thriving to maximize the resource value while minimizing or even eliminating environmental impact so that both our economy an environment can thrive.

Our Vision

Clean Spaces, Happy Faces

Our Vision is to be the leader in waste management and to ensure that we are easy to do business with. We know we are a progressive business and innovation is our key.

Why Hire Us?

Along with the highest rate of e waste generation, there is growing awareness about ill effects of e- waste on environment. Government regulations and guidelines pertaining to e waste management are also driving e waste recycling and re -use program across the globe. Increasing number of manufacturers and producers are in need to define the strategy for proper disposal and recycling of waste. We are on stop solution for all your waste management needs.

What we do

Currently Eco Star waste management solutions operate through various business segments.

Why Choose Us ?

You can trust we will share what we’re doing at each step of your recycling process. We ensure the materials we handle are traced from pickup to final destination. Our experts manage each and every step of the process, from beginning to end, so we can tell you exactly where all materials end up. We also guarantee that we comply with information security and environmental regulations.

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