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About Us


Who We Are

Believes in providing sustainable environmental solutions to protect our employees, customers and communities we serve

Our Mission

Our first responsibility is to the environmental well-being of the companies and their employees.

Our Vision

We strive to develop and offer economical, environmentally friendly solutions for unique waste streams thus creating various niche markets within the environmental industry.

Our Bio Sketch

Waste isn’t Waste until we waste it!!

Eco Star  is established with a mission to create a world where the environment doesn’t need protection. When we throw anything away, it must go somewhere and we are the perfect one who deliver sustainable waste management solution through its expertise of people and investment in technology. A vast range of environmental clean-up service is provided on customer site and other locations on emergency and scheduled response basis. We change the people’s perception on how to perceive waste and committed towards well-being and safety of customers and public at large.


Building relationships on mutual trust and respect is at the forefront of the Navkar Recycling business philosophy. We are committed to honest and ethical behavior and hold ourselves accountable to these values.


Improving corporate management, employee morale, productivity and operational efficiencies. We are committed to seeking and implementing progressive thinking to address change effectively.

Professional Excellence

Striving to exceed the highest professional standards through our expertise, attitude, levels of service, support of continuous training and professional development.


Corporate responsibility to our clients and the environment through operating in a manner which assures activities surrounding the collection, treatment and disposal of materials are carried out in an environmentally responsible manner.

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