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E Waste Management

Electronic industry is the fastest growing industry in the world. The challenge of how to dispose of the E waste dates back at least to the 1970s.But lot has changes since then. The growing consumers’ inclination towards the adoption of technically advanced products and constant demand for the latest version of devices has led to the shorter life span of devices and so has led to the rise in e waste generation today as compared to decade ago.


What is E waste disposal ???..

The objective of E waste disposal service is not only to reduce the accumulation of discarded and used electronic devices which are thrown away in backyards or partially thrown away in streams damaging the environment, but also offer solutions to convert waste into raw materials like plastics, metals and glass using simple technologies for the benefit of society and industries.

The technology innovators continue to create devices to make our life easier and better. The result of this is that unfortunately, skyrocketing amount of E waste is written off by the owners as junk. In such scenario it is more important to reinforce the message that we need to recycle the old models and reuse it rather then throw them out.

You RELAX while we manage your E-Waste

Electronic Waste Process


The very first step of E waste Management is collection of E-Waste. Eco start’s collection process is very simple and effective. As the first step, we segregate the waste into glass, plastic, and metals. Right after that, we process all the hazardous substances and sends the remnants for further extraction. The remaining plastic and metal pieces are given to the recyclers.


Eco Star carries out transportation of e waste in safe and legal manner and as per the guidelines of pollution control board. We are aware of adequate legislatures and hence we do cost effective as well as technically environmentally friendly storage and transportation. We assure e waste transportation to processors in containers, carboard boxes, on pallets, bulky wastes etc. We transport the collected e waste in such a way that optimize re use and recycling of appliances.


Eco Star assures storage of e waste as E Waste Management and Handling rules. We assure that sites for storage (including temporary storage) of E waste prior to their treatment will have impermeable surface for appropriate areas with the provision of spillage collection facilities. Furthermore, we take care that sites for storage (including temporary storage) of E waste prior to their treatment should have weatherproof covering for appropriate area.

SHREDDING - “We reduce the size of something”

Shredding of E waste stream facilitates sorting and separation of plastic from metals and internal circuitry. So, Eco star facilitates shredding of items into pieces as small as 100mm to prepare for further sorting. For efficient shipping the recycled items should be shredded into smaller pieces. Eco Star ensures that every information stored on hard drives or other devices are completely destroyed before shredding, so that hackers can’t use the sophisticated equipment to retrieve it.


The foundation of electronics recycling is efficient separation of material. Iron and steel from the waste stream on the conveyor, are separated by a powerful overhead magnet. The separated steel materials are then prepared for sale as recycled steel. Further mechanical processing separates aluminum, copper and circuit boards from the material stream which now is mostly plastic. Then, a water separation technology is used to separate glass from plastics. Visual inspection and hand sorting improve the quality of extracted materials. The separated streams of aluminum, copper and circuit boards are collected and prepared for sale as recycled commodity materials. Advanced separation technologies are used in the process. The final step in the separation process locates and extracts any remaining metal remnants from the plastics to further purify the stream.


The more talked issue in the world, the more geared up Eco Star is to tackle it in the perfect way to protect human and environmental health!!!

After the three SSS Step (shredding, Sorting, Separation), the separated materials are prepared for sale as usable raw materials for the production of new electronics or other products.

Reuse the past, Recycle the present, Save the future

E-Waste Management -A CSR Activity

E-Waste management is just not a business for Eco Star. Somewhere from within we are concerned of carrying on this activity for the benefit of society at large. Managing Director of Eco Star is a visionary man, and just to acknowledge the popping need of managing e waste, Eco star was formed with a perspective to provide effective as well as budgeted e waste management solutions. With every project we carry out, we contribute a bit to our mother by our service and in future Eco Star is prepared with plans and programs at macro and micro level to create awareness about the hazards of e-Waste. Eco Star is striving hard to make every consumer and business to imprint this slogan in their mind.