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Data Distruction

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Data Distruction

Its risky to compromise on the data security in anyways. Data must be protected even after you have transferred data from one hardware source to another, upgraded old hardware, destroyed old hardware, Erased data that is outdated or no longer in use.

Reduced risk, Reduced cost and complications associated with managing hard drives is our mission. Eco star is committed to keep full inventory of your data from point of collection to destruction.


Data Destruction Process

⮚ Scanning – Tagging
All hard drives and electronic media are scanned and tag with serial number of each drive is scanned and print out is maintained with final count and serial number of drives.

⮚ Shredding
Post that data sanitization and destruction process starts. It starts with degaussing and then shredding of all hard disk drives and electronic media starts.

⮚ Packing – Melting
After Shredding, packing of all shredded or ash material starts. They are moved to metal recycling facility disposition, where the devices are melted down to alloy state for re use.

⮚ Certification
After competition of above process, we offer “Certificate of Data Erasure and Destruction” for reporting and auditing purpose.

Method of your choice

We give options of ON- SITE as well as OFF-SITE data destruction as per clients’ requirement.

Ways of Data Destruction
✔ HDD shredding
✔ HDD crushing
✔ HDD degaussing
✔ Data wiping
✔ CD/DVD shredding
✔ Tape destruction
✔ Other equipment destruction techniques.