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Lamp Recycling

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“Eco Star – The perfect Lamp Recycler”

Lamp Recycling

“Light is good -From Whatever Lamp it shines and Be your own lamp, when there is no light”

Lamp Recycling -Less Talked but Most Important

EcoStar knows that Lamp Recycling is less talked service but one cannot underweight its importance because of its environmental impact.


Pros of Light Bulb Recycling

Millions and Millions of light bulbs are discarded into our environment annually. All of these bulbs have potential to release tons and tons of mercury into our environment. Once mercury gets released in the environment, they have the potential to contaminate the entire food chain.

We undertake recycling project of

  • Fluorescent Tube lights
  • Fluorescent Bulbs
  • Compact Fluorescent Lamps
  • Other categories of Lamps and Tube lights

We can carry out this project “ON SITE” as well as “OFF-SITE” as per client’s demand.

Mode of Operation

Our mission is to have mercury environment and so to all consumers and businesses, we provide convenient options -On site and Off Site. We have all proven ways to recycle, so that mercuries can be recycled and reused.
❖ We are equipped with state of art technology to collect Mercury lamps.
❖ Mercury lamps can process in-house through effective system.
❖ Crushed mercury lamp derbies are collected by our crushers in heavy duty drums.
❖ Eco star is committed to trace lamp recycling system routes and ensure that recycled products are safely recovered.
❖ At the end Mercury with maximum purity is obtained and all other resources are reprocessed or reused in all possible manners.