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Non Hazardous Waste Management

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Non Hazardous waste Management - Professional and Efficient Service!!!

The quantum of generation of Non-Hazardous industrial waste industries, commercial activities, and household is very high and so is EcoStar’ capacity and robust ways to deal with it. Non -hazardous wastes are less harmful but effective and proper disposal as per the government rules and regulations is mandatory for every commercial unit. Connect with Eco Star to delegate your arduous task of disposing these Non-Hazardous wastes in totally controlled and careful ways.

Disposal of non-hazardous wastes may vary as per their types and laws governing them. Few are highlighted here.

Process of Disposing Non-Hazardous Waste

Non-hazardous liquid waste may be poured down sink drains after obtaining approval from Environmental Health, Safety & Risk Management (EHSRM). Liquid waste (i.e., bottles of unused or partially used solutions) may never be disposed of in dumpsters, as liquid wastes are not permitted at the municipal landfill.

Animal wastes containing non-hazardous preservative should be placed in a bucket or thick trash bag, after all liquid has been drained, and taken directly to the outside dumpster

Certain solid, non-hazardous chemicals are suitable for disposal to the sanitary landfill.

After the waste generator has ensured that the glass is free of all hazardous contaminants, the glass must be packaged in either a broken glass receptacle, a thick cardboard box, or other rigid container then taped closed.

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